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Answered Prayers

We have received an update on Robert Sirko. The chemo therapy that was his last hope worked. He is cancer free!
Lori Garcia reported that her daughter, Yvette, has seen an improvement in her health since requesting prayers.


We have received an update on Nick Ferranti, Sr. His health has improved and he has been sent home from the

hospital. †

Lori Garcia is reporting that her husband Joe is seeing great improvement in his health since we began praying for him. Please continue prayer. He has been taken off of breathing support and may be coming home soon!
Armando Rita is home from the hospital after having open heart surgery last August. Doctors did not expect him being do so well after being in ICU. He is eating and feeling so much better. 
Ester shared news of answered prayers! Her husband received a permanent job offer after being in a temporary position for over one year. What an Advent blessing!
Guadalupe Gomez shared her good news...she is cancer free! Her prayers were answered for Christmas.
Jake, the little boy injured in an accident in Wyoming, went through surgery successfully and is recovering.
Angelita Rita was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and given 3-6 months to live. She was feeling very depressed. She was given a Seven Sorrows Rosary and began to pray the rosary faithfully. Angelita began to feel peace, happiness and healing. It is now 18 months later and the doctors say her breast cancer is gone, but it has traveled to other parts of her body. She continues to be active, happy and thankful for our Mother's rosary. †
Kennedy Casperone, who is suffering from liver failure and was in intensive care, has had  been taken off all tubes and ventilators and is alert. She is still receiving treatment, but her prognosis is much better.
Christy, who had been previously diagnosed with cancer, had a Pet Scan and received the good news of answered prayers. Her tumors have shrunk and she has asked for continued prayers for the cancer to go away completely.
Seven Sorrows Rosary Answered Prayers
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