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People sharing how Mother Mary and Jesus have touched their lives

We have done our best to keep all testimonials in original format. These are your words, not ours. Whenever necessary, we use brackets to add a word that may have been omitted to help complete a sentence or we will add punctuation if needed. We do our best to understand handwritten notes and letters and put them on here. Thank you for sharing with us and those who view this website. 

 January 15, 2017 - McAllen, TX


          "Thank you for the wonderful and beautiful prayer books and rosaries that you have sent me.  I have also been promoting this rosary, as I have seen what fruits it has born for my prodigal son and others that I am including in my prayers.


           He is a 41 year old that has kept my on my knees for years, but it was to no avail. Last September 11, he hit rock bottom.  He had lost his job, his second wife, his home, and almost lost his beautiful children. Being that he was into pornography, he was truly in a dark, impenetrable place.


           About three weeks after I started the rosary, he had an actual encounter with God and Jesus through an elderly man and his wife who introduced themselves as "God "and "Jesus". He called me to ask if I had ever had an experience like this.  I told him, that I had seen many miracles in my life, but this was just for him... since he had abandoned God over 22 years ago.


           A week later he called me crying asking me to pray for him. I  I am blessed to volunteer at a Catholic pregnancy center that has the Blessed Sacrament,, so I went and exposed the Eucharist, and stood right in front and pleaded for him. 


           The Sunday, that his now ex-wife, called to tell me he had been unfaithful to her, was the Gospel of the prodigal son!!  THE WORD AMONGST US had a beautiful reflection that day that spoke about how God forgives me daily, and that certainly  forgave and loved him, as well.


           A few days later, he called to tell him he had a dream, and that he was on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis praying and counseling the girls like I use to do when I lived there three years ago.  He felt that God was calling him to go there, too.  I said, " Yes, indeed he is. Don't waste time going there."  After he did, he called again crying, saying, " Mom, I have been a lustful man in the past, but after seeing those women walk out after an abortion, I know I will never be able to look at a woman the same way again!!


           He has been going to Mass every Sunday since, and has found two small jobs for now.  He is praying and hoping to find something that will give him more financial security, and money for child support.  For this... I continue to pray.


           So, yes...I do believe in the promises of this rosary, and I will continue to pray it on my knees until I can't anymore.


           Thanks so much for your ministry and work.  Continue to pray with me for Richie, and for McAllen Pregnancy Center.  We saved 40 babies from abortion last month, and were able to bring 7 from the sidewalk!"





September 27, 2016 - Murrieta, CA       

              "Joe has been away from home for 12 months and we were not able to communicate with him .  He has been home for 2 months and miraculously he started to whisper and when we got near his mouth, he was actually taking to us.

              In the meantime, he recovered from dialysis, which he was on for six months this last April.  He is off the trake.  He still has the g tube which we give him his food, water and meds.  We hope to get him on oral feed one day.  He is moving his left foot which had no movement before.  He is bed bound for now but put him in wheel chair for his out of bed activity.

              The biggest miracle is that he is home with us.  Amen"

June 1, 2016 - Murrieta, CA

              "I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my son Ty's spiritual and physical healing.  Gods grace is working in his life. He is back to work, praise God, and trying very hard to get his life back to as normal as possible.

His spiritual journey is still a "work in progress"  continue to pray for his complete conversion."


January 2016 - Alhambra, CA

            “In January 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  I was sent to the City of Hope in South Pasadena. On March 11, 2014, a few hours before I was scheduled to have surgery, my sister-in-law handed me Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows Rosary.  I did not know about this rosary until my sister-in-law gave it to me. I started reading it, and after I finished, I asked our dear Mother to watch over me. My sister-in-law told me about her coworker at the hospital who prayed the rosary for nine days for her brother and he was cured of heart disease.


            When I awakened from my surgery, the surgeon told me that the lymph nodes are negative. I was sent home a day after my surgery. It was not easy. I prayed the rosary every day, even many times during the day at home. Meanwhile, during my surgery, a test that was done was submitted for further lab work.


            I was already preparing myself for treatment, but I ask for the impossible; that God will spare me from having to do chemotherapy. That I will live longer since I am helping kids in the Philippines.


            In May 2014, my oncologist told me that I do not need chemotherapy, the test was good and all I need is a pill every day. I knew then a miracle happened. Our dear Lady of Sorrows is so powerful. She interceded with our Lord Jesus. I am really overwhelmed with God’s loving mercy. I do believe – ask and it will be given.


            From that point on, I am propagating the devotion to my own family and friends. I gave a rosary to my friend whose undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. I do believe she will be completely cured.


            My last blood test in December was good. My doctor at City of Hope once again told me that since it is good, (I usually have blood test every 3 months) I will have my blood checked every 6 months now. Again, I know my prayers are answered because up to this time, almost every day, I say Our Lady’s Seven Sorrow Rosary for good health, other problems, and intentions in the family.”


January 2016 – Lafayette, LA


            From a thank you note we received for rosaries we sent to a rosary group in Lafayette, LA. One of their members wrote:


            “…This morning (Sun., 17th - 4:00 AM) I was saying the Seven Sorrows from one of the ones you sent and, during the 4th sorrows, I got the sweetest smell – out of nowhere. I was at peace for the rest of the rosary. Such little things mean so much.”


            When this note was shared with our supply coordinator, it was discovered that there have been many times while working on anything for Our Blessed Mother, especially while cutting the cords that go into the rosary kits for our rosary makers, there is a pleasant scent (very similar to roses) that seems to appear from nowhere.


January 2016 - Temecula, CA


            In 2014, one of our ministry members was introduced to the Seven Sorrows Rosary by one of our rosary coordinators. After receiving three rosaries, his sister came to him and told him she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and had been given three to six months to live. She was feeling very depressed.


            He gave his sister a rosary and they both prayed for her to be healed from the cancer. After a week, he asked for the rosary group to pray. After 3 months, the doctors told her the cancer had spread to other parts of her body. The doctor was going to operate on her lung and her uterus. They discovered her lung was clear of cancer. Today, while the cancer has spread to other parts of her body, she is free of breast cancer and she continues to be active, happy and thankful for our Mother's rosary.


            In August 2015, we were called upon to pray for his brother who needed to go in for open heart surgery. The doctors said his brother would not leave the hospital because he was dying and even with the surgery, he may not survive. Each day the rosary was prayed and his brother grew stronger. In December the family notified our friend that his brother was home in time for the New Year and was doing wonderful.


December 2015 - Temecula, CA


            We received a card this week. The person who wrote the card had asked for a rosary in March of this year and began praying the Seven Sorrows Rosary faithfully. Her daughter had gone away from the church and had been in a car accident that left her with intense, chronic back pain - possibly even wheelchair bound. They took a trip to Fatima together in the Fall and since then, the daughter is seeing an improvement in her health and has returned to the church through the intercession of Mother Mary. The person who wrote the card now shares our rosaries with others and praises Mother Mary and her intercession in her family’s life.


August 2014 – Youngsville, LA


            We received a thank you card for rosaries that were sent to a woman and her daughter who someone in our group knows quite well. Her daughter has been ill for over 10 years and after beginning to pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary found a doctor who did not give up on helping find a treatment for the daughter. Here is a portion of the note we received:


            “After many, many doctors – she came across a neurologist (lady) who stayed with it & finally an answer – She is having seizures of the brain! No one else found this problem. NOW she is taking medication – slowing down these symptoms [she was having before]. I am making sure this lady neurologist is getting “a Rosary”. This to me – like a miracle – such a difference in her personality, etc. I prayed long for this to happen, so long – “Our Lady of Seven Sorrows” must be gratefully responsible & of course with Jesus.


            Thank you so much for helping us getting started with the special rosary


October 2013 – Murrieta, CA


            We received a thank you note for providing our Rosaries and Booklets to a family who had just lost a family member. They wanted to be able to pray the rosary at his funeral. Part of her letter says:


            “I’ve been blessed so much with Mary’s hand who saved me from [the] car accident. I dreamt and heard and saw Jesus who was sending out little children and [He] said, “Bring them back home to me.”. You are among those little children of God that God sent to me to confirm my faith and remind me not to stray from my true purpose in life. I will pray for you, your family and all God’s children to stand firm and cling onto Jesus & Mary.”


July 1990 – France


            It was in July 1990 that I visited Lourdes in France for the first time. I had a great devotion to Mother Mary.


            At that time, I was at the peak of my career which was a very successful one. I was proud, earned well, had a good family life, dressed well and wouldn’t associate myself with anyone at a lower level.  I had planned to visit a friend in London and together we were visiting Lourdes.  We arrived there on the First Saturday of July.  I just wanted to rush to the grotto to say “Here I am Mamma”. However just near the grotto I saw a lady with a beautiful blue skirt going down to her ankles. She had a white blouse and a blue scarf.  In her right hand she was carrying an Ewer. She stopped me and asked me in French to get her some water (Mind you I do not know fluent French) I took the Ewer from her and went to the taps (She was slightly bent and couldn’t reach the taps) filled the Ewer and took it back to her. The place was crowded as it is usually. Again in French she told me to pour the water on her legs and lifted up her skirt up to the knees and she had huge warts all over the legs which were so repulsive. I got angry with her and tried to put the Ewer down so I could walk away but she caught hold of my hand and pressed it over the warts and told me to pour the water on it. At that time, I saw her marble blue eyes. Something happened inside me – I thought of Jesus washing and cleansing the feet of people – I took the water and washed her legs and then she asked me to get more water for her to drink. I willingly ran to the taps to do this but when I came back, I could not find her. I asked the people around and nobody knew what I was talking about. I looked at the ground where I had washed her legs – it must have been about 2 litres of water – the ground was absolutely dry!  I ran to the Grotto and fell on my face and sobbed to Mamma Mary asking pardon for all my pride. I returned home a different person – a humble person.  Everywhere I went people told me there was a change in me. The lesson I learnt is pride takes a terrible fall but humility and sharing and caring for others soars you up on eagle’s wings.

            Ave Maria.

            This is a true testimony.


1943 – India


            When I was nine months old, I had a huge abscess under my right arm causing me a lot of pain. I kept crying the whole time. My parents had a special devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. We have a Lourdes Shrine in Chennai, the South of India, where I live. They took me there and placed me near the Altar and prayed to Our Blessed Mother. When we came out of the Church, according to my dad, I was happily gurgling as he carried me and when he pressed my arm towards my body I was smiling. He lifted my hand up and there was no sign of the abscess but a scar as if it were sutured, fully healed and dry.  My parents took me back, put me on the ground near the altar and both of them prostrated and thanked Our Blessed Mother for this.  In those days, they made vows and promised to dress me in blue and white till I was five years old.  As I grew up my dad kept telling me about Mother Mary and the importance of praying the Rosary.  I grew up with a deep love for Mamma Mary. She has worked such wonders in my life and I am doing my little bit by spreading this devotion to her to others.  By the way, I still have the scar under my arm. I am now 73 years old.

           Ave Maria.

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